I was born in the morning, but it wasn’t this morning…

…is just one more thing that makes me sound like my mother.  When I say things like that I cringe.  I swore I would never become my mother.  Yet, here we are.

My 13 year old son thinks I am pretty clueless.  Admittedly, I am clueless about so much, but being 13 years old and seeing how much I can get away with?  Well, that’s my specialty.

You see, this weekend, I find him walking aimlessly around the house talking to a girl on his phone.  What is this all about?  Then he is talking about going to a friend’s house.  A friend I have never heard of!  Slow down buddy!

Middle school is such a funny time.  Plans are made between these teens with very little parent involvement.  Long are the days of setting up playdates.  Now I find myself sitting in my car, in my pajamas at 11:00 on a Friday night to pick him up hoping he hurries so I can get to bed soon.

He thinks I ask to many questions, nag him all the time, and just plain suck the fun out of his life.

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